Welcome to Wildflower and The Rose's Herbalism of Hair School

Mother Earth's Beauty Rituals for Hairstylists

Wildflower and The Rose is cultivating a new way to serve hairstylists on their journey to becoming Herbal Hairstylists. For thousands of years women have taken their beauty rituals into their own hands and co-created with Mother Nature through flowers, leaves, roots and seeds. Let's awaken your remembering of living in harmony with the Earth.

Wildflower Collective Membership

Membership will capture your imagination, intrigue your hairstyling mind and hold space for your own growth + awakening to "new" old ways of tending to our hair. This is a monthly gathering with content rich lessons, blog posts, community discussions and virtual hands on learning lessons to start your journey to becoming an Herbal Hairstylist.

  • Guidance from a stylist who offered herbal hair color and care first hand in salon. Tips + tricks for navigating ancient hair rituals in a practical + honest way.

  • Seasonal mini herbal lessons, lunar + astrology updates, plant + flower profiles, blending your own herbal haircare products, gardening tips, and so, so much more! All with the practicality of hairstyling at the heart of each offering.

  • A deep focus on inspiring and using your own intuitive + energetic gifts. Surprise, we all have them! You will learn how to ground yourself, protect your energy + create boundaries for your wellbeing.

Believe Everything's Possible

They said it couldn't be done, but here we are, blooming against all odds.

Grow at Your Own Pace

We are here supporting you, your wild dreams and nature centered heart.

Within The Wildflower Collective, you will find simple to follow, yet content rich videos on Flower Hair Color, Herbal Hair Care, Guest Interviews with the eclectics of our industry, as well as downloadable guides, audio lesson options, bonus hands on blending lessons + more. Access to content and all lesson updates are included too! As with all things in Nature, things evolve, ebb and flow. At the moment our in depth Flower Hair Color Courses are available outside of the Collective Membership.

Our Roots. Our Ethos.

  • Beauty

    Wildflower and The Rose is firmly cultivated on the foundation of over a decade of experience in the hair industry, plus continual studies within herbalism, certified aromatherapy, Reiki energy healing, intuitive + Akashic Record work and Ayurvedic hair care.

  • Nature

    We come from a place of demanding 100% pure + honest hair color + care without compromising on ability to color, nourish, soothe or support in your Professional Flower Hair journey. No unpronounceable words, concerning preservatives, toxic dyes or greenwashing.

  • Traditions

    The best part is this reconnection and sharing of knowledge bringing us back to our roots; back to what our ancestors used, trusted + grew. Welcome to the Beauty Awakening of Herbal Hairstylists.

Dig Your Roots Deep

Whether it's metaphorical for your spirit or practical for your mind, The Wildflower Collective is a solid foundation for your more aligned and purposeful life.

Abundance Offerings

Love, Lessons, Healing + Community within The Collective

  • Natural Flower Hair Guide

    Download a free copy of our Natural Flower Hair Color Guide which includes information on Hair Rinses, Hair Stains, Henna + Ayurvedic Hair Color, as well as Natural Hair Brighteners

  • A Community; A Family

    Access to an online community of hairstylists on a similar journey of herbal exploration. Post questions, ideas, wins, whatever you want to share! And the best part is it's totally private + away from social media.

  • Be my BFF?

    We know there's only so much reading, writing and researching before you're ready to chat with a real person. Within the Collective, members can set up private 1:1 chats with our Herbal Stylist Chelsea!

Your Guide. Your Hair Herbalist.

Chelsea Stephens

As I have wandered this path, I've allowed the flowers to teach me, tell me their stories and guide me on my own healing journey. Acupuncture was my first taste of wholistic healing, then later on I studied aromatherapy, herbalism, flower essences, Reiki mastership and growing my Intuitive abilities. I knew I loved these modalities, but had no idea what would grow from them. I did the "organic" salon thing with the low tox colors and haircare that had sprinkling of earth dust But it kept feeling so off, so inauthentic. Then the colors started bothering my already fragile system. I knew I had to trust my knowledge and follow the path to herbal hairstyling + flower hair coloring methods. So here I am, sharing with you in hopes of nurturing a healing, creative and authentic space for other stylists to grow.

This Is For Your Freedom

Thrive in whatever capacity you feel called to. Allow the plants to nourish your soul. And play with the flowers.


  • What is The Wildflower Collective?

    The Wildflower Collective is a sacred space for hairstylists eager to grow in the realm of herbalism. Here they may foster their education, skills and abilities in a truly holistic way while focusing on their self nourishment + intuition.

  • Who is The Wildflower Collective for?

    Honestly, any hairstylist who feels the call to return to nature, those who feel run down and burned out by the modern mode of salon work, stylists with chemical sensitivies and health problems due to prolonged exposure to industry toxins. The list goes on. You'll know in your heart space if this is something you feel called to grow into!

  • Can Anyone Join The Collective?

    Nope. Only actively licensed Hairstylists may join. Upon sign up, you'll be prompted to type in your license information.

  • What If I Live Outside the US?

    As long as you have an active license and forms of legal proof you are welcome to join! When signing up, just type in your license information in the proper place.

  • What's Included in My Membership?

    Oooohhh so much! The Wildflower Collective is designed around the flow of Nature's rhythms. So our offerings are seasonal and relevant to topics we discuss. For example, seasonal herbal support for immunity, hair + scalp blends. Please refer to the checklist available above!

  • When Can I Start?

    As soon as you create your free account! Access to our Resource Library and several items may be restricted to only those logged in. Also, creating a free account allows you access to our Community

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