Sunflower Hair Healer Intensive

Herbalism of Hair

Trying to summarize something this big and incredible is like trying to describe a famous painting. So many words, thoughts, ideas and perceptions, but I’ll do my best because you deserve every bit of this offering! Wildflower and The Rose is a sacred space for those non conformist hair stylists. The ones with radical ideas, a deep connection with Nature and an alluring need for greater expansion in their craft. Gone are the days of assembly line cuts and colors, needing a brick + mortar and solely depending on a big hair care or color company profiting majorly off your own hard work.

Sunflower Hair Healer Intensive

We Plant The Seed Starting June 15, 2021

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Witchy Ways

Hair Healer Overview

I’m here to share my knowledge and guide you on your own journey in discovering this magical world of herbal hair. This is a 7-8ish week offering with a focus on owning your energy type confidentially and without guilt (you’re made perfectly, it is conditioning that wants to change you), WATR Flower Hair Color training, Theory of Herbal Hair Care, WATR Folk Flower Hair Care, Blending your Own Herbal Hair Offerings, building a virtual business and working with guest without the salon space if you so choose.

Freedom is Yours

Carve your own path. Listen to your Soul whispers. Align with Your purpose.

  • Want to stay behind the chair? Hell yeah you can still do that AND this!

  • Want to step away from hands on client work but still use your skills? Again, hell freaking yeah, you're in the right spot.

  • Want to use your creativity and Wise Woman roots (it's engrained in us) in offering herbal hair color + care support virtually for your guests? Again, yasss it's here.