Cultivate Your Freedom

Through our Flower Hair Color Foundation Course herbalist and holistic hairstylist Chelsea will walk you through the basics of herbal hair color. Topics include what herbalism of hair means, tools + supplies needed and in depth introduction to our top 4 Flower Hair Colors of Daisy, Jewelweed, Arabian Hollyhock and Elderflower.

  • Lessons from a stylist who offered herbal hair color first hand in salon. Tips + tricks for navigating ancient hair rituals in a practical + honest way.

  • Simple to follow, yet content rich videos. Plus downloadable guides, audio lesson option, bonus hands on assignment + more. Lifetime access to content and all course updates too!

  • Grow your education with a free Hands on Color Set + Journal upon sign up and connect with others through our Herbal Hairstylist Group.

Come Home to Yourself

It's a path to connect your soul with Mother Earth. Release the expectations of the hair industry and build your own offerings.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Flower Hair Color

  • 2

    Herbalism of Hair

    • Herbalism of Hair

    • Why Herbal Hair Color and Care?

  • 3

    Flower Hair Color

    • Flower Color Concept, Expectations and Limitations

    • Concepts, Expectations + Limitations

    • Color Profiles

    • Misconceptions

  • 4

    Tools & Supplies

    • Tools + Supplies Video Lesson

    • Tools + Supplies Checklist

  • 5

    Cassia: Daisy Flower Hair Color

    • Meet Daisy + Mixing

    • Daisy Gloss Application

    • Daisy plus Activator Color

    • Daisy After - Studio Lighting

    • Daisy After - Natural Light

    • Daisy After - Natural Light + Up Close

  • 6

    Henna: Jewelweed Flower Hair Color

    • Meet Jewelweed

    • Jewelweed Oxidation

    • Jewelweed After - Studio Light

    • Jewelweed After - Natural Light

    • Jewelweed After - Natural Light + Up Close

  • 7

    Indigo: Arabian Hollyhock Flower Hair Color

    • Meet Arabian Hollyhock

    • Arabian Hollyhock Oxidation

    • Arabian Hollyhock After - Studio Lighting

    • Arabian Hollyhock After- Natural Light

    • Arabian Hollyhock Natural Lighting + Up Close

  • 8

    Amla: Elderflower Hair Color

    • Meet Elderflower. Wildflower and The Rose Video

  • 9

    Bonus: Get Your Hands Dirty!

    • Get Your Hands Dirty!

    • Mixing + Application