An Herbalist's Role

What’s an herbalists role you ask? How much time do you have to listen!? Because it’s innumerable. 

An herbalist, whether focused on hair or another specific area, uses Mother Earth in various forms to encourage healing holistically. To comply with modern standards, I shouldn’t be “claiming” healing, but it’s true sooo I said it. And holistic healing isn’t just physical; that’s such a flat analysis. 

Holistic encompasses physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and energetic healing while working in alliance with Our Earth. Herbalists are stewards of the land. They are ancestral beings encouraging our remembrance of what connection we hold with Mother Nature. Herbalists hold space and give tools + guidance for our own healing journey. Many times people seek outside themselves for all of life’s questions and an herbalist reminds them we hold the answers within ourselves. 

When growing Wildflower and The Rose, I knew 2 things; 1. I couldn’t give up hair even when I hated everything about it, and 2. I wanted my “job” to be an Herbalist. I knew there was a way to combine these two elements but it felt superficial, like I had more to contribute than just some herbal products. And damn does it feel good to finally have some clarity. 

This evolved version of Wildflower literally lights my heart up, like gives me those butterfly flutters and energetic jolt in my chest. Like YES THIS IS IT! I am BEYOND grateful you are here on this journey with me. I never thought such a beautiful thing like "herbal hairstylist" could exist and I am damn proud that we get to cultivate this reality together!