Hairstylists as Healers

Name someone or someplace you love to go to brighten your day, feel better about yourself, release + vent, be loved on and feel as if your whole being has been recharged? Easy. The Salon. With your stylist. And every wo/man knows that connection and TRUST runs deep!!!

So why haven’t we, as stylists, taken this sacred trust and moment in time to realign with a more in tune + purposefully offering? 

Most likely because of time. Because of income. Because of busy, double booked clients. Because of the “demand.” Because of the overhead cost. Because that’s “what’s expected” or what we’re use to...

But the chaos doesn’t need to exist. The assembly line can stop now. The drowning in debt/must work my ass off attitude can be left behind, disintegrate back into dust + earth. 

You can be intentional. You can slow down. You can have more abundance. You can feel in flow and in alignment with your day, your energy, your work and expectations. You can alleviate the chemicals. You can reconnect with your wise woman roots. You can work on your own healing and then share your tools (and I don’t mean in a medical way mind you). You don’t need such high overhead; sustainable products + items cut down on this monster. And you get to design and Co create with the Universe your highest potential. Do you believe?

You start with yourself. Then you share + grow with your tribe, your clients, friends, community. Together we rise.