How To Locate Your Lessons

If you're lost, here's a quick map!

All of your lessons can be found linked under "The Collective" option via our menu bar as long as you are signed in as a member. The Flower Hair Color Courses, Gathering Community Forum and Resource Library can *also* be located through "My Dashboard" link as well.

The Gathering

Our Community Grows Together

  • Community Forum

    A private chat forum outside of social media to connect with other Wildflower Stylists. Find our How To Connect below,

  • Directory of Stylists

    Where the beauty movers and shakers live; those daring to be bold + form a new path for these modern times.

  • Resource Library

    Where so much beautiful content lives. Consider this your safe space, a place to help organize your student thoughts!

  • Practitioners

    An ever growing offering to connect you with fellow energy healers, herbalists, witches and so forth who happen to be hairstylists too. Sessions may be offered + available.

  • Student Feature

    We all have our war stories, traumas, victories and awakening moments. Our student features focus on sharing other stylist's journeys, their lessons and life path pivots.

How to Access The Gathering Forum

Our Private Chat Community

Within The Wildflower Collective, we offer a private + social media free platform to connect, learn and grow from other like minded stylists along the herbal hair journey. This is included in your membership and only active members may access the community. 

To say Hi or follow along on a few posts, simply go to your "My Dashboard" in the menu above. Once there, scroll down to the bottom where "My communities" are listed. Yours is titled "Herbalism of Hair Gathering."

To create a new post, click the "create new post" button in the upper left corner. You may also click on the 3 dots in any post to choose "follow" if you want to keep up.

Please reach out with any questions or issues. Talk with you soon!

Flower Hair Color Concepts

Below you'll find some FAQ's which will help guide you on this journey in understanding herbal hair color with Wildflower and The Rose.

FAQ for The Flower Color Courses

  • How do the courses work?

    As a member of The Wildflower Collective, you have access to the ever growing list of courses I have organized and planned. The courses utilize video, audio and text lessons and focus on more in depth topics.

  • Do I have access to all courses at once?

    Yes and No. The courses are designed to be taught in sequential order. The topic of Flower Hair Color is immense and I want the information to be easily understood and less overwhelming. At the moment, you have access to our Welcome Series. Once finished, our Foundational Course will be available this Winter.

  • Where do I start?

    You will start with our Welcome Series Course, which introduces you to our top 4 Flower Powders, a general overview of mixing, color outcomes on lighter hair and darker, plus natural and studio lighting. There is a slew of information discussed alongside these topics.

  • How is content released?

    For all courses at the moment, new content will be released weekly. As stated before, there is a lot of information and my goal is to make it as digestible and practical as possible. Every Monday a new Chapter will be released once you have begun your chosen course.

  • How long do I have to complete a course?

    This is the best part; as long as you are a member you have infinite time to compete each course. As stated before, chapters are released weekly, but you can absorb the content whenever it fits your schedule. The weekly content will begin once you have chosen "start course." Say you join The Wildflower Collective, but you're not ready to begin a course. Totally fine; nothing will be released within that space until you choose so!

  • How many courses are currently available?

    At the moment our Welcome Series is ready to go! With the launch of The Wildflower Collective, I'll be busy behind the scenes fine tuning and organizing the rest of the courses. These are planned to cover Foundations, Color Concepts + Theory, Practical Use with Guests, etc. I have set up a separate space to focus on the Salon Sanctuary, which will also have courses available.

Still Cant Find Answers?

I'd love to help you out! Please send me an email and allow 24-48 hours for a response. Thank You!