My Journey Here

Flowers have always called to me. With their vivid + lively colors, fascinating fragrance blends, intoxicating energy + unspoken meanings, I'm completely entangled. Since a child, Ive been mesmerized by the way they sprout, grow, bud, bloom, wilt and dry. It's a truly beautiful symbol of our own feminine being. The moments of growth, the moments of joy, the moments of changing, dying, replanting ourselves and growing again. The symbol of a Wildflower embraces that delicate nature with resilience, determination to grow where ever our hearts and soul sees fit. Each one unique, purposeful and alive.

The Summer I Quit Chemicals

So why didn’t I feel content? Why didn’t I feel settled and grounded in it? Yes, I was happier there than my previous space. And yes it had so many things I wanted, including a bad ass salon co/stylist. But I felt off. Almost like when you get something you’ve been wishing for, forever and then it happens/you get it and realize it no longer fits like you expected it to?

Hairstylists as Healers

Name someone or someplace you love to go to brighten your day, feel better about yourself, release + vent, be loved on and feel as if your whole being has been recharged? Easy. The Salon. With your stylist. And every wo/man knows that connection and TRUST runs deep!!! So why haven’t we, as stylists, taken this sacred trust and moment in time to realign with a more in tune + purposefully offering?

An Herbalist's Role

What’s an herbalists role you ask? How much time do you have to listen!? Because it’s innumerable.

Will You Join Me?

The Wildflower Collective is a gathering of herbal hairstylists here for the Beauty Awakening.